The Bill2Pay Solution

As a next-generation B2B payment solution provider, Fintainium™ offers a variety of services intended to improve both convenience and control for billers, payers, suppliers and vendors. This revolutionary service integrates today’s most cutting-edge tech solutions with prompt and accessible service to meet client demands. Working with Bill2Pay, Fintainium has created a fully integrated Reimbursement and Escheatment solution for Utilities, Insurance companies and Government Agencies, which provides streamlined, customizable, automated payment and billing solutions including customer refunds with real-time status updates, extensive reporting capabilities, improved customer service features and full escheatment processing.

This solution enables the outsourcing of Refund and Deposit Return processes on the part of Utilities, Insurance Companies and Government Agencies while also providing management of the Escheatment process, which accounts for abandoned or unclaimed fund management per the legal requirements of the State in which the service entity resides.  Efficient handing of these payments is critical to these businesses.

Through powerful and seamless integration with existing or legacy accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Fintanium’s General Ledger Solution allows for greater flexibility ensuring the businesses we serve can quickly address challenges and take advantage of new opportunities for efficiency and productivity. Through the partnership with Bill2Pay, Fintainium provides an expansive array of financial services to benefit all essential parties engaged in the Reimbursement process, with unique accountability, transparency and reporting capabilities. With these solutions, cash flow can be effectively managed to deliver sustainable growth in a competitive environment.

The Power of Integration: Payment Processing and Customer Engagement via Bill2Pay

The Fintainium suite provides access to a number of effective payment solution providers. A notable example? Bill2Pay, which offers an excellent platform for making and accepting any payments, anytime, anywhere. Together, Fintainium and Bill2Pay can produce significant cost savings while also enhancing efficiency.

A best-of-breed solution built to address many of today’s most notable billing and payment processing concerns, Bill2Pay offers modern solutions built with real-time architecture and industry-leading technology. Serving national brands, local utilities, and a variety of other clients, this trusted provider boasts a strong track record, as well as the drive to continue using new technology solutions to deliver better service.

Secure processing, compliance, and exceptional customer engagement are clear priorities for Bill2Pay, which are consistently leveraged across multiple industries to improve satisfaction among key clients.

Top services and benefits currently offered through Bill2Pay include:

  • Credit, debit, and bank account payments accepted from all electronic devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Integration with an easy-to-access client portal that offers extensive real-time data.
  • On-demand reporting for payment reconciliation, forecasting, and budgeting.
  • Lockbox processing with strict validation controls and fast transit times made possible by strategically located facilities.
  • Total reimbursement solution automating refunds with real-time data via client portal.
  • Personalized support featuring prompt responses and ongoing training.

Bill2Pay provides innovative payment processing solutions, including, but not limited to, accepting Digital Wallet payments, Text Pay, and a Mobile App solution.  Bill2Pay takes great pride in our consistent customer support and deep relationships with our broad base of clientele developed over several decades of service.

Why Fintainium?

From invoicing to payments, Fintainium streamlines a variety of critical services to provide a best-of-breed solution capable of cutting costs, improving flexibility, and delivering an impressive ROI. These accessible and customizable services transform how businesses pay and get paid while providing increased security and improved cash flow.

Integrations with top providers such as Bill2Pay deliver impressive convenience and customization to ensure that users are best served by the specific solutions capable of meeting their needs. Simple, efficient, and powerful, Fintainium services and linked providers offer the control and oversight needed for success in today’s fast-paced market.

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