Enable billers and payers to control the way they make and receive payments by providing the most innovative technology and wide-reaching selection of payment methods. Convert legacy paper-based invoicing and payment processes to real-time electronic systems that provide the rapid exchange of data, increasing overall productivity and cash flow.


Fintainium has developed the next generation payments platform that reinvents the way commerce is transacted. Our “Fintelligent” payments platform consolidates both payments and invoice data into a single, customizable transaction, automates accounts payable, accounts receivable and general ledger accounts, and provides invoice intelligence, payments intelligence, and business intelligence. Fintainium cleans up your supply chain, creating happy suppliers, happy customers and a more efficiently run and managed business. The customizable platform includes:


Everything you need to invoice, track and manage your payables and receivables in a single, easy-to-use system. APIs connect to existing ERP systems for quick invoice and customer importing.

  • Create invoices, or upload existing invoices to query at a later time
  • Monitor outstanding invoices, and resend to ensure payment is made as well as received in a timely manner Query Invoices for key identifiers
  • Monitor Invoices and Payments Outstanding
  • Early Payment and Dynamic Discounting



You choose how and when you want to get paid. Customize payment options specific to vendors and select the most efficient, cost-effective methods. With multiple payment types and the option to customize payment options specific to vendors, empowers businesses to use payments intelligence for quicker more efficient payment receipt. Integration into your existing payment accounts allows for quicker payment receipt and early payment discounting gives you greater control of your working capital. Multiple payment types

  • Single Use Virtual Cards
  • ACH credits and debits
  • Real-time options
  • Wires
  • Network transactions
  • Proprietary Closed-Loop Payment Network
  • Checks
  • Proprietary Closed-Loop Payment Network
  • GL Transfers

Payment Automation

  • Integration with your ERP
  • Single Payment File Options
  • Early Payment and Dynamic Discounting
  • Rules based workflow
  • Recurring and scheduled payments



State-of-the-art reporting and business analytics tools provide a global, consolidated view of your business and your receivables/deliverables while being easy to integrate into existing systems and easy to use.

  • Customized dashboards
  • Extensive number of preset reports, with the ability to create custom reports
  • Realtime reporting and querying
  • Integrates with your ERP system
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Ability to schedule customized reports
  • Profile driven controls
  • Ability to export reports in multiple formats

Partners and Customers