Become a FINTAINIUM referral partner

Earn residual commissions paid monthly for bringing your clients or prospects to FINTAINIUM!
Benefits of partnering with FINTAINIUM
  • Additional revenue stream with NO additional cost
  • Control of the customer experience during the sales process
  • Allows for immediate entry into new markets and revenue streams
  • Additional business value during sales process
  • Immediate up sale value to existing client base increasing wallet share and profitability
  • Additional business revenue stream with minimal cost or effort
FINTAINIUM Growth Coefficient
Word-of-mouth marketing cannot be beaten. When your existing customers help you acquire new customers, growth can be exponential. Perfected by consumer internet companies as early as Hotmail (before it was bought by Microsoft), Airbnb, and Gmail—as well as newer internet software darlings like Dropbox, Slack, and every successful social network ever—virality is every SaaS startup’s dream. To measure virality, calculate your viral coefficient. The formula is simple:
Growth Coefficient = Invites X Conversion Percent
  • Invites = number of invitations the average user sends
  • Conversion percent = the percentage of invitees that convert to customers

As an example, a virality coefficient of 1.5 means that every signup brings 0.5 additional signups, so for 100 signups, you actually get 150. The greater your growth coefficient, the faster your company will grow. To model your growth rate, download this calculator from David Skok’s blog.


FINTAINIUM ensures that clients have transactional data down to the GL for invoice, payment and business intelligence, eliminating keystrokes and valuable time to process payments while giving you access to valuable data for analysis.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate the manual approval and payments processes. Reduce the number of keystrokes when dealing with multiple systems by centralizing an easily implementable solution.


FINTAINIUM provides the payee and payor multiple payment modalities creating the best possible experience within which to transact commerce.

Financial Products & Services

FINTAINIUM is a true partner with clients and their vendors by offering trade finance solutions to enable growth and stability when required.

Recognition and Support
Help clients scale as their needs grow. Your commissions will grow with your client.
  • Partnership and inclusion in marketing opportunities that will generate new sales
  • Representation to our partners on and the additional marketing this will offer
  • Access to FINTAINIUM’S technical staff, training and materials.
  • Access to FINTAINIUM’S Sales training and materials.