Accounts Payable

FINTAINIUM provides a touchless invoice and approval routing system that seamlessly integrates with existing general ledger systems and streamlines the bill payment process saving time and money.

The FINTAINIUM Advantage


Touchless Invoice Workflow

No more tracking down approvers, lost invoices and lower DPO’s


Date Stamped Audit Trail

Complete data stamping for activity transparency


Real Time Data

Save time on Data Entry and Data Updates


Simply Bank Statement Reconciliation

Providing quick and accurate reconciliation


Instant and Scheduled Supplier Payments

Schedule your payments to invoice terms or pay instantly


Strengthen Supplier Relationships

Reduces supplier inquiries, improves status accuracy


Multiple Payment Types

ACH, Wires, Checks, Credit, Debit, Virtual cards and more


ERP/Accounting System Agnostic

Single automation//integration solution

FINTAINIUM provides a new way to process invoices, removing payment friction, legacy paper, and manual processes while increasing productivity and working capital.

Our Partners

We have developed strategic partnerships and collaborations with some of the industry’s most respected brands