About Fintainium

A new way to process your payments

Fintainium was founded by a team of payment experts with proven track records of solving complex financial business problems. We offer a centralized portal for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Consumer Payments. We believe that not only data is the key to a successful business, but also in giving our clients the ability to choose how and when they want to send and receive payments.  

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Our Vision

Our vision is to add value in the payments industry by unifying payments processing, tying in communications and offering further control and customizations in the way payments, invoicing and payroll are offered by you and to you, all in a secure environment.

Our Mission

Fintainium enables billers and payers to control the way they make and receive payments by providing the most innovative and wide-reaching selection of payment methods. Convert legacy paper-based invoicing and payment processes to real-time electronic systems that provide the rapid exchange of data, increasing overall productivity and cash flow.

  • Our Culture

    Founded by a group of innovative, top-tiered FinTech leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset, Fintainium believes in changing the way payments are processed. We promote and encourage an open communications environment where ideas are shared, ensuring continuous evolution and growth of the Fintainium hub and our organization alike.

  • Our Future

    Fintainium is changing the way businesses and consumers manage payments processing. We will continue to evolve and add value to the payments industry through continuous thought and process enhancements.


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