FINTAINIUM™ Inc Partners with Bill2Pay to enhance Integration between Payment Processing and Customer Engagement


JACKSONVILLE, FL – April XX, 2020 – FINTAINIUM™ Inc, the cloud-based financial automation workflow management platform (AR/AP/Dynamic Negotiation) to small and medium companies announced today its partnership with Bill2Pay an industry leader in billing and cutting-edge payment solutions. This partnership will enhance automation, including complete integration of reimbursement and escheatment solutions for utilities, insurance companies, and government agencies.

“The FINTAINIUM Payment Hub enables billers and payers to control payments by offering the most advanced technology and wide-reaching selection of payment methods and access to several effective payment solution providers. We are excited to welcome our newest provider and partner, Bill2Pay. Together, FINTAINIUM and Bill2Pay can produce significant cost savings while also enhancing automated efficiency for our utilities, insurance, and government clients,” states Richard Jackman, CEO of FINTAINIUM. “This new and innovative solution enables the outsourcing of Refund and Deposit Return processes on the part of these customers, while also providing management of the Escheatment process, which accounts for abandoned or unclaimed fund management per the legal requirements of the State in which the service entity resides. Our clients require secure, compliant-driven, and efficient management of these payment types, which are critical to their business, and with Bill2Pay, we can deliver these value-added enhancements.”

FINTAINIUM is the ONLY end to end financial solution for all approval and workflow automation and payments, giving our clients the ability to choose how and when they want to send and receive payments. Through robust and seamless integration with existing or legacy accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, FINTAINIUM’S seamless integration to General Ledger systems and user-defined workflow automation gives customers the ability to make financial decisions in real-time with their suppliers and vendors to enhance cashflow to SUSTAIN, GROW and PROFIT “This partnership provides the breadth and depth of our combined technology that offer synergies to modernize and boost the engagement between our clients and their customers.

By delivering a fast, seamless, and unified digital payment experience, it helps drive operational efficiencies and cash flow, which is paramount to today’s business environment,” said Rick Stierwalt, Chief Executive Officer at Bill2Pay. “Streamlining end-to-end workflows with a single software solution helps to offset the manual processes, expense, and risk associated with receiving payments, and free up more quality time and resources needed to support customers and business priorities.

We’re excited about our new alliance and its focus on addressing the ever-changing landscape of our markets and improving our clients’ services to enhance the overall customer experience.”

Integrations with top providers such as Bill2Pay deliver impressive convenience and customization to ensure that users can take advantage of the specific solutions capable of meeting their needs. Simple, efficient, and powerful, FINTAINIUM services and linked providers offer the control and oversight needed for success in today’s fast-paced market.

Founded by a team of payment experts with proven track records of solving complex financial business problems, FINTAINIUM’S innovative technology is disrupting the market. Providing a new way to process your payments, remove payment friction, legacy paper, and manual processes while increasing productivity and cash flow. FINTAINIUM believes that not only is real-time data the key to a successful business but also that companies must have the ability to choose how and when they want to send and receive payments. To learn more, visit

About Bill2Pay
Any Payment, Anytime, Anywhere. Bill2Pay provides focused service and support to national and local Utilities and Government entities throughout the United States with payment processing solutions across the spectrum built with real-time architecture and industry-leading technology. Bill2Pay has been in the payment processing industry since 1991, offering a full suite of products, including payment processing and billing services and lockbox processing, to ensure our clients will always be able to connect with their customers regardless of changing technology and demographics. Bill2Pay maintains clear priorities of secure handling, compliance, and exceptional customer engagement, which are consistently leveraged across multiple industries to improve satisfaction among critical clients. To learn more about Bill2Pay, please visit
Media Contact:
Richard Jackman, CEO
(904) 545-1943

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